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ZulaFly Acute Care

When immediacy matters, patients have instant location-based access to staff. Nurses and other team members can easily find supplies and missing equipment.

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ZulaFly Senior Care

Staff and residents live and operate with fewer distractions, added comfort and piece-of-mind knowing assistance is at their fingertips.

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Useful data is critical to any growing business. Fuzion provides efficient delivery of relevant information that boosts your bottom line. A real-time data gathering system, Fuzion features a dynamic combination of RTLS/RFID, BLE, & IoT data along with the ability to aggregate data from other disparate systems.

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ZulaFly Education

Whether malicious activity is taking place, inclement weather has struck, or medical assistance is needed, Fuzion provides immediate location info.

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ZulaFly Hospitality

ZulaFly's solution allows staff members to easily alert of duress at the push of a button. Efficiency also reaches new heights with tagging and locating features.

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